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Quality Control

Coventry places more emphasis on Quality Control than any other aspect of its business. In fact, our entire production process is engineered to ensure efficient, consistent, and high-quality results for our customers.

Printing is far more complex than most people realize. A typical job involves hundreds of steps to complete, each of which can affect the result.

Coventry’s Quality Control process incorporates three disciplines: 1) people, 2) equipment, and 3) constant oversight.

1. People. Every associate is thoroughly trained. Every procedure is clearly documented. Every employee is empowered to flag a job for quality concerns. And every person is cross-trained to understand the impact each step of the process has on the other.

2. Equipment. We buy, build, and redesign the best equipment available to do our jobs exceptionally well. Coventry also spends a great deal of time looking to other disciplines for unique solutions to manufacturing requirements.

3. Constant oversight. Tracking, inspection, and constant checking are central to our commitment. Work flow data is gathered continually, including information on delivery deadlines, production per employee and machine, along with samples of completed products using laboratory grade devices to measure color, size, weight, and tolerances.

Quality control is critical at Coventry.

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